Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wrapping Up with Costs and Payoffs

Costs & Payoffs
This week's mindset video was a real challenge to look at the costs and payoffs associated with both achieving and not achieving my goal in 12wbt; to then figure out which one was where I wanted to head.

I was more challenged by this than I thought I would be. I was fine with the first few questions, but even just writing my answers to Q5 - The cost of NOT achieving my goal - I was starting to get a little freaked. It was like my pen was writing more honestly than my mind could think. The costs were:
    Nothing will change,
    Always feeling unhappy and disappointed with myself,
    Feel like a failure,
    Lack any self confidence.
As I was writing I was thinking "gee it must be awful to feel this way" when I realised that's how I used to feel. All the time! And then when Mish asked us to find the answers we were most fearful of, well it really wasn't hard. Nothing else on my pages were as fearful as those few statements.

Hence this little exercise cemented for me the fact that whatever it costs me in time, money, effort, pain, organisation, saying no to food/drink offers... was completely and utterly worth it. Because I don't want to go back to feeling the way I used to about myself. In just 7 weeks I have moved on to such a brighter place, and I just simply can't let myself go back.

So, what's been on the menu this week???
I loved the broccoli soup, simply fabulous! The first photo was taken half way through!! Sorry after carefully arranging the croutons just right for the photo, I promptly forgot to take it and dug in to my 'shrek' soup!! Mum thought it would be a bit green, but I text her the photo and she said it looked much better than she imagined!! And the other photo is my lunch the next day.

If you asked me what my favourite meat was I'd say lamb - and especially lamb shanks. So wasn't I a little overly excited to find shanks on the menu this week. They were simply irresistable! Full of flabour, tendy, juicy etc. Definitely a winning dinner party dish!

As promised a photo of the chicken zuchini and ricotta pita pocket. It wasn't as good as the first one I made, namely because it had no chicken!! A complete oversight on my part and I had no chicken in the freezer to cook. So I improvised and chucked in a bit of lite swiss cheese.

I haven't photographed many of my breakfasts, perhaps an indication of how much time I'm lacking at that point in my day! This weekend changed all that - check out the fantastic treat I got on Saturday & Sunday - Best cooked breakfast ever! Grilled haloumi and mushrooms.

And last but not least - Spinach and Ricotta Fil Triangles. Tasty, and quite filling. They would definitely make tasty little finger food options if you were entertaining guests.

The Weekly Challenge 
I set myself the task of stepping up to the next level and completing 2000 dips! Did I make it???
Monday = 250 at the gym & 250 at home
Tuesday = 50 (gym)
Wenesday = 300 (home)
Thursday = 150 (gym) 100 (home)
Friday = 300 (home)
Saturday = 100 (gym) 400 (home)
Sunday = 100 (home)

YES!! I did it!! That total comes to 2000. So very proud of myself for seeing it through to the end. And even nailing the higher amount than intermediate. And for some more fun, I'm going to be posting a special post dedicated to the tricep challenge!!
So what's coming up in week 8???
I'm dedicating week 8 to be freezer week!! Huh? Well I seem to have acquired a number of leftover meals, and I'm off on holidays on Thursday, so I figured it was the perfect week to use up those meals. And what a nice low key way to wind down before holidays.
I'll be heading up to see my parents, and then flying up to Noosa for a week. And I'm certainly looking forward to some sunshine!! And I'm determined to stay on top of my diet and exercise too while I'm away. However when I'm staying with my parents I thought I might cook up a few 12wbt faves for them - what would you suggest??


  1. You are amazing Sheridan! I didn't come anywhere close to the dips. ((hangs my head in shame)) Absolutely fantastic, how are the arms feeling now? I am with you, my fave meat would be lamb by a country mile.

    Sounds like you have a nice break coming up. I agree about cooking up the 12wbt faves - mmmm butter chicken!!! When I looked after my mum for a week after she came out of hospital I filled up her freezer with 12wbt meals and she couldn't believe just how good they were. Made me proud.


    1. Arms actually feel ok. Strangely enough my shoulders got sorer than the triceps (pretty sure I was doing them right??!). I way parents love curries and such, so I'm tempted to try out the chicken tikka for them!

  2. I love all of your food pics as per usual! We changed the menu around A LOT this week for convenience but I will put all of the above on my to-try list for sure! Amazing effort on the triceps challenge! You absolutely smashed it!!

    If I'm not too late to suggest something... definitely the Tikka! Maybe the Beef, Pumpkin and Prune Tagine or the Beef Fajitas? or the Laksa? Everything? haha!

    1. I have to say I'm loving taking all the food photos, although sometimes I forget cos I'm so keen to get into the great food!
      I did an Indian extravaganza for my parents, and they loved it! Chicken tikka and butter chicken, what great dishes!!