Friday, 7 June 2013

Weekly Wrap Part 1 - (Mon-Fri)

Well the weekend is upon us once more, and all I can say is Thank Goodness!!! It has been a pretty busy week for me, most days leaving in the dark early hours, and getting home after dark too. These short, cold, winter days are really not conducive to much outdoor activity. Work has been constant and has stretched me this week too. BUT the positive thread throughout all of those days has been not one slip up with my nutrition or exercise!!! I am actually really proud of myself. A month or 2 ago during a week like this I would've definitely not gone to the gym after work AND I would've compounded that with getting take away or junk food for dinner on the way home, sat on the lounge, binged, felt gross, and the whole cycle would take a tail spin for the worst. What a turn around in just 4 weeks! I'm sure there's lots to it, but partly it's my commitment to making a change that's keeping me strong, and also the simple fact that I know there's food in my fridge at home, and I don't have to thin about what to have for dinner, I just have to cook it up. So all in all it's been a great week for my health, a big win!!

And so what else has happened this week?? Well weigh in Wednesday was a winner. I lost 2.9kg this week. I was over the moon, totally not expecting that. I was hoping for just 1kg, but almost 3??? I had to get off and on the scales again I actually couldn't believe it when they said the same number again. And I took my measurements for the first time since starting - a total of 25cm gone from my body!! And I can feel it too. I bought a few new sports bras before starting 12wbt, and they're starting to feel just a little big all round!! A nice (but expensive) problem to have. And, during a nice relaxing soak in the bath last night I realised I no longer am wedged into it, but have space on either side of my hips again. Ahh, it's the little things that make you realise you're winning the fight!!

As for my delayed week 3 challenge - 600 step ups! DONE!! Admittedly it was a thought finish, 500 in 3 days, but they are done and dusted. And I feel really good about deciding to give the challenge a go. Glad I didn't let my old attitude rule that one, and it's always better to start late than not at all. 

Week 4 weekly challenge has been a blast, but I've got a whole post dedicated to that one - date of release: 9/6/13... New foods, or new recipes etc. I've done it!! Perhaps slightly more boring than some, but I've tried cooking different ingredients that I would've avoided had this challenge not been happening. 

And so finally, it's the weekend. Just my super sat sesh to go and then a rest!! However on Monday I'm hoping to complete my first mini milestone of a 30km bike ride. Should be fun! Also, one more goal for the weekend is to finally get my vision board completed. I've got some ideas, and I've got everything printed out and ready, so just gotta get it together. Watch this space!



  1. OH MY GOSH!! 2.9kg is awesome, lady! You must be doing some damn hard work over there! Also nice work on the step ups! 500 in 3 days, are you crazy!? :P

    Best wishes for your weekend/Monday goals!

  2. Thanks - yeah I was worried I might not walk after the step ups, but wasn't too bad! Well, I blew it a bit over the weekend, but I've ready to start again tomorrow and hopefully I can rectify the situation before weigh in!!!