Tuesday, 4 June 2013

These are a few of my favourite things...

No, don’t look around for Julie Andrews! What I’m wanting to blog about today are some of my newly discovered favourite things!! Why? Well, I’ve had a bit of a blah kinda day. Ate well, got to the gym etc, but work was busy, I left home before dawn, and got home after dark (and I only live 10min from work), work was hectic, I’m suddenly in charge this week due to my boss having to go away suddenly, and it’s all a little bit much for a Tuesday. So, I want to refocus and look at some good and positive things. So, some things I love at the moment…
12wbt – how fantastic is this program??!?! I tried it before and after not even completing the 12 weeks declared that “it doesn’t work for me! I’m not trying that again!”. Well, aren’t I having to eat my words now. And I’m happy to because this program is fantastic. It has suited me down to a tee, and perhaps I was also just ready to commit to something whole heartedly, fulfil the program requirements, and not play the victim anymore. I have taken responsibility and there’s no going back!
Weekly Shopping List – This is just heaven! And yes, I’m only shopping for 1 and it takes a little work to figure out the precise quantities I need for the week. But, print it out, spend about 20min looking through everything and hey presto – I have a shopping list for one! It’s great, one trip to the shops a week, and the rule is only buy what’s on the list so no treats sneak into the trolley. And because I don’t have to go back and forth to the shops there’s no temptation to buy snacks during the week. I love organisation, no, I thrive on organisation, and this shopping list is a godsend!
Weekly Meal Plans – Did I just say I love organisation?? Well, this is heaven! I can know exactly what’s coming up, and those nights I’m a little more busy I can arrange to have leftovers or a quick prep meal. Bliss. I did try doing this off my own back once and planned out 10 weeks of meals, calories counted and all (it took me hours!), and needless to say it was a very boring plan. Not so 12wbt meal plan. Nothing boring here. Actually I’m almost wishing a few of my favourites might reappear in the next week or so (stroganoff, pizza, lamb & pumpkin salad…). And, they’re customisable with updates to calories and shopping lists – so easy!!
Weekly Exercise Plans – Have you ever been to the gym and thought, “right today I’m going to do a weights session” and then had no idea where to start, what equipment to use, what weight, how many etc etc… Well, that hasn’t happened in over 3 weeks now thanks to my trusty exercise planner! And, if need be I can swap a day around here and there if my schedule determines that need. And it’s balanced so I’m working all over (and don’t I feel it sometimes).
GREAT food – I’ve said it before, so just briefly – I LOVE THE FOOD ON THIS PROGRAM!! Fresh, simple, tasty. And when I see TV adds for other weight loss companies that provide all your meals pre-prepared I just think – yuck! Reheating every meal, no thanks!
Weekly Challenges – OK, I have to admit I’m really only loving the week 4 challenge. I ran out of time for week 1’s vision board (still in progress). I had a dummy spit at the idea of 300 push ups in week 2. I slowly came around to the idea of step ups for week 3, and after a late start only have another 100 to do tomorrow and I can tick that off. BUT, try a different food every day – GREAT idea!! And I’ll give you a run down of my weekly challenge in pictorial form at the end of week 4.
Forums – A great place for support, to ask a silly or not so silly question, to blow your own trumpet, or get on your soapbox. Or like me earlier this week – use them to find out how to cook BBQ corn cobs without a BBQ!!! Thanks for the help people!
And did I mention the food??? 2 days into week 4 and I’ve got another top 3 dishes – Corn thins with tomato salsa, Breakfast crumble, and the lamb and pumpkin salad. Delish!!

And so, thanks for indulging in my rant of the things I love at the moment – it’s made me remember that even when I’m tired and stressed at work, there are so many good things in life – and here I’ve only mentioned a few 12wbt related things!! There is so much more too.
What are some of your favourite things at the moment??


  1. I agree with every one of these! It has been amazing to have meal and exercise plans, and shopping lists especially but omg the food. I love your pics! I haven't the tried the salsa yet...I think that's tomorrow. Have you had the turkey corn thins? They were pretty tasty too :)

    Glad to hear you're going so well!!

  2. Glad it's all going so well for you Sheridan. Great blog! All the best for the week ahead.

  3. Thanks everyone! I have really enjoyed this week, and it's been fun writing all the blog posts too. I'm glad for the time for this one too - to remember all the good things about life and the changes we're all making in our lives.