Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Week 7 Updates

Loved today's weights session at the gym! It was tough, but doable, and I smashed it. I love working legs, and in particular got to 115kg on the leg press without too much trouble. Looking forward to doing that pyramid set again and going higher still. That said, I still hate planks of any kind - normal, reverse, side... Give me legs any day.
It's weigh in tomorrow, and I snuck in an earlier peek at the scales this morning. It's sitting at 700g at this stage - which I really pleased with!! If not only because that's exactly 10kg from my beginning weight. So all I'm hoping is that tomorrow morning it can be just that bit more so I can break the 10kg barrier.
And for those who leave replies on my posts - firstly thank you! It's lovely to read your stories and words of encouragement. But secondly apologies if it seems as though I haven't replied - in fact I have been, but it's taken me 6 weeks to figure out that I need to use the reply button not the comment button - I've been leaving comments on my own blog!! I have already mentioned that I'm a little technologically challenged haven't I...
The Veal Involtini was Sunday nights dinner, and it was lovely!! I wasn't too keen on the polenta, the texture was not really my thing... But the veal itself was lovely, and I must say looked fairly impressive when sliced up. (And don't forget that we eat with our eyes first!!).
The Antipasto Pita Pocket - Yes I've had this for lunch before, but it was just as good the second time. I couldn't be bothered buying pita breads and found out that half a Lebanese bread was the same weight, so I made a little toasted sandwich! And it was really tasty. A great lunch for a cold and wet day.
Hmm, I had another pita pocket for lunch today - zucchini, ricotta & chicken, but I was too hungry to photograph it before I started chowing down! But never fear, it's on the menu again later this week - look out for it in future posts.
Dinner for tonight was Beef & Broccolini Stir Fry - I love a nice quick dinner that you can whip up in a flash after work & the gym, this was great. And I know I'll feel good tomorrow for all that red meat after the weights session I did tonight.
Weekly challenge - 1500 tricep dips
Here's where we stand at the moment...
Monday = 250 at the gym & 250 during TV ads at home
Tuesday = 50 at the gym (yep, getting sore already!)
So that's week 7 until Tuesday night. Hope everyone else is having a good week, and ready to jump on those scales in the morning. Happy dipping too everyone!!!


  1. Congrats on your achievements! 115kg on leg press is awesome! Also, because I'm from Wordpress I don't get your replies until I come back to your blog anyway, so no worries :) Thank you for all of your comments as well!

    The veal looks really nice! Great presentation!

    1. Thanks! (note use of reply function :-))
      I'm aiming for Anna Mears' 230 single leg leg press ability... yes perhaps I'm dreaming!!