Thursday, 20 June 2013

A parent's most feared question...

I know it's a question many parents get continually pestered with, but it was posed to me recently and it got me thinking yesterday. I posted these thoughts on the 12wbt forums, but thought I might just pop it on my blog for future reference!! 

I was out with friends on Saturday night, and I was asked why I was drinking water and not getting into the wine & cocktails. I replied that I would've considered having a glass of wine, but that during the week I'd eaten copious amounts of chocolate and really had to trade off my treat meal for that. Her response to my eating the chocolate was "why??" 

I was stumped! I had no good reason for eating the chocolate. It wasn't that time of the month, I wasn't stressed, I just ate it. And I got thinking about it again and realised that for many many years I have had no good reason to over eat, or indulge in unhealthy foods, I just did. 

And so now I'm going to be posing that question to myself when I feel like eating something I know isn't within my nutrition plan - "why am I wanting to eat this?" And if I can't come up with a satisfactory answer (of which I think there are few), then I'm determined that I'll walk away and not eat whatever it might be. I want to start eating thoughtfully, not mindlessly, and this question is a good way to start I think. 

What do others think? Or do you have other suggestions for overcoming mindless eating??


  1. You could even write down a list of satisfactory answers so that you don't just go "eh, good enough" at a dodgy one? I'm glad you're working through some of your mindset issues and I think you've come up with a good strategy :)

  2. Great idea! Otherwise I'm bound to resort to the yeah that'll do answers. Might work on that over the weekend.