Sunday, 16 June 2013

Back on Track with the Weekly Wrap!!

So it's been a mixed up week, and if you've been reading along you'll know why. Most of the time it had to do with chocolate and a 900g weight gain. But that's life, I've moved on and I'm back on track. I did not like the place I was during the week when I'd eaten a block of chocolate. I also didn't like being in the place where I was all of a sudden looking for any form of junk food I could possibly lay my hands on. I am however enjoying a clearer mind space, and knowing that I am making the best choices now.
So barring Wednesday and Thursday, this week was actually OK nutrition wise. On all the other days I stuck to the 1200 calories (even under a couple of times). I think the biggest highlight was going out last night with some friends to a new bar in town. It's a pretty cool place, they don't serve food - but you're allowed to take your own!! So, I drank water all night (they'd run out of mineral water!) and I ate my own tasty snacks. I'd made hummus and guacamole to take, and cut up carrot and celery sticks. Now I have to admit I did eat an awful lot of those things, but even so I came home full and didn't eat any other form of dinner. So I'm pretty certain I was well within daily calories! And better yet, I've got left over dips to have with left over celery sticks for snacks this week. Winning all round there! I was just so glad I didn't do the whole "I'll just have one..." thing. Because we all know one leads to two, leads to many more than you need.
The challenge this week has been to get into bed early! Easy!! I am normally in bed by 9pm, so 9:30 was pretty easy. Although I just scraped in last night getting home at 9:30, but the lights were out by 10pm! So now I have 15 minutes to finish this and get to bed.
And so some photos to finish off with... I think I forgot to photograph things this week because I don't feel like I've got many. But the cajun pork with coleslaw was lovely - I really enjoyed the coleslaw, I think because I liked the dressing. I've never liked coleslaw dressing before since I don't like mayonaise, but in keeping with tradition I tried something new and had the dressing - I think I love dijon mustard in anything!


And tonight for dinner I made the Mediteranian Chicken. I love dishes that are one pot wonders and this is definitely that. It was a great serve for one, but could easily be made in larger quantities if you were having more guests. And nice bright colours in the vegetables. And I promise that despite appearances there is definitely no fat or skin on that chicken, I just didn't photograph it's best side.
So, here's to a new week - week 6. In just 7 days the half way point will have been reached and we're on the downhill run to the end of this round. But I think I'm almost certainly signing up again. This has been one of the best things I've done for me and my health in a long time. And in my opinion great value for money!!


  1. This week has been a bit up and down for me as well (as you know) but let's dust ourselves off and have the most amazing week 6! Let's make it the best yet :)

    I have yet to try both of those dishes and they look so yum! The pork is actually on the menu for lunch tomorrow due to rearranging plans a bit this weekend. Dijon is definitely the bees knees!

    I'm signing up again also :)

  2. Well done on getting through the week. I know if I have a bit of something I shouldn't have, it's a downhill slide for me. So you did well to get over it and move on.

    I loved the Mediterranean Chicken. The wonderful aroma as it was cooking and it was so tasty. I will definitely make this again. It was so easy.

    Here's to the next 6 weeks!

  3. Yay I've stumbled onto your blog, so another great blog to read! Now I'm going to have to read back as to the chocolate blow out. I had a (well I was going to say devastating) gain last weigh in and it completely shook me up. I am turning it around by being so squeaky clean this week. But it did shake me and made me wonder what on earth I had learnt if I took to chocolate so easily. Mmmmmmm and your dishes look so appetizing and delicious. I still havent made the Mediterranean chicken, you've sold me on that one!


  4. Thanks everyone, week 6 is going really well, which I'm glad about! The Mediterranean chicken was great, and also I think it would a really easy dish to do for a dinner party etc, and a one pot wonder - less washing up!! All good really.

  5. Had the mediterraanean chicken for lunch as well today - Fantastic.

    Great Blog Sheridan

  6. Thanks Meeghan - it really was tasty wasn't it. And an easy leftover meal too. A winner all round I say!