Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Another Weigh In... Another Win!!

Well it seems that my body loses weight in a 2 weekly cycle. I smashed weigh in again today, and made it (well) under 95kg!! So excited to be 93.9kg - now that seems weird. But starting at 103.3kg puts it in a bit more perspective. OK, so I did have a few binge sessions before last weigh in, and so tightening my eating and increasing my exercise again this week has worked. Preferably I'd be a little more consistent week to week and just lose a little each week, but every 2 weeks is working for me at the moment. Note to self - remember this next week if the numbers aren't fantastic on the scales!!!

What else am I loving today? I am loving having an RDO!! Although it means working more hours each day that I do work, I love that I can have a day off every couple of weeks. And usually I fill them up with tasks, some enjoyable (eg hairdresser appointments), others just necessary things like getting to the post office, paying bills, seeing the doctor... But today I have completely had a day off! Enjoyed a nice lie in this morning, spent some time reading a book, catching up on emails and 12wbt forums, and of course the live chat session last night which I missed. In fact the most arduous task I've done has probably been 2 loads of washing!! I love the chance to refresh my body and mind with a complete day off free from any pressures of the world around me. OK, admittedly I have not yet done my gym session today, and so an RPM class tonight will really jolt me back to reality.
So onto the food this week...
Turkey, Swiss Cheese & Pesto Toastie - well what could be wrong with that! All my fave ingredients in one. I'm a sucker for anything pesto! It doesn't look that exciting in the photo, but it was delish!!

Vegetarian Paella - I wasn't convinced by the tofu in this one, but true to my 12wbt commitment I gave it a go. I made an SOS call on the forums to see what tofu I should get, and some tofu fans helped me out (thanks you!). And guess what? It really has no flavour, and the texture wasn't too bad! And I promise it really was in there even if you can't see it.
I hope everyone else is happy with their weigh in results, and looking forward to the last 6 weeks of this round of 12wbt!! Go well peeps!


  1. Hey congrats on the loss! The 80's had better watch out because here you come!! We swapped the toastie out for something else just for a bit of convenience but I'm also a sucker for anything with pesto and yours actually look delicious! I might have to sneak it into next weeks menu!

  2. Yeah can't wait for the 80's to come back in :-) Might get some fluro clothes & leg warmers to wear to the gym to celebrate. Definitely try the pesto toastie - totally worth it.