Sunday, 2 June 2013

That's (not) a Wrap - Week 3

So the week that was - it was a week for sandwiches, no more wraps for this little black duck! Now, let it be known I've never much been a fan of sandwiches. It goes back to school lunches: soggy bread, leaking drink bottle, sandwich disaster! So, I went back to sandwiches this week and yet again a pleasant surprise - fresh tastes, different combinations, and even though there was beetroot there was no soggy bread. OK, I'll let you in on my secrets:
1. I made them fresh at work (I just took all the ingredients to work and did it there) and
2. I quickly toasted them in the sandwich press (made me feel like I was eating a hot lunch on wet wintry days).
I loved the combination of ricotta and basil for taste, and got my sinuses cleared out with the horseradish cream (yet another ingredient never before tasted by moi).
Week 3 over means that we're 1/4 of the way through this 12wbt. I am still loving it. However this week did see my first slump on Wednesday, but I was so pleased with my ability to overcome and keep going. I also missed my core/stretch session on Friday and replaced it with pump. Yet again didn't hit 1000cal on SSS, but got to about 900ish.
I made a late start to the step up challenge. Managed 100 on Thursday, and haven't done anymore yet... Oops, that leaves me 500 step ups in 3 days! Heck, I better get a decent start on them tomorrow!
The highlight for the week was my meal Saturday night - baked crumbed fish with wedges. It certainly felt like a treat meal. Fabulous. Perhaps my favourite so far (and it's fish??!). Do yourself a favour and give it a go.
So, what am I looking forward to in week 4? Definitely the weekly challenge. It's all about trying a new food/ingredient everyday!! So, I've already got tomorrows meals prepared, and my ingredient... Red Onion. No nothing revolutionary there, but it is something that I would normally avoid if it was raw. But no, tomorrow I'm having red onion in my mexican tomato salsa corn thins!! We'll see how it goes.
But in a similar line, what am I not looking forward to?? Well, that would be eating tinned salmon in the salad for lunch next Sunday. That's a never ever eaten ingredient before. I've eaten fresh salmon twice in my life (once was in the last 3 weeks). In fact had this challenge not been on I would've swapped this meal for sure! Additionally I'm not looking forward to weigh in... I really don't feel like I've lost anything this week! But I'll keep going, and see what happens. And no matter what, life, and not even 12wbt, does not revolve around the result of a weekly weigh in.
e, sandwich disas


  1. Ahh great ideas for your sandwiches! Also I love that you can toast them to have a nice, warm meal.

    Also your fish looks delicious! Definitely giving that one a go soon!

    Best wishes for this week!

  2. Thanks Emily, the fish was fab! So was tonight's (chilli fish with corn cob). I did enjoy the sandwiches for a change, but also getting my corn thins on for this week!! Look out for the photos soon!!