Monday, 18 November 2013

1 week down...

So, week one is done and dusted - 11 to go (this round). So, how did this week pan out???

Well, the high point was losing 2kg at Wednesday weigh in!!! I honestly think my body had gone into complete shock with the complete change to healthy eating over Monday & Tuesday. But whatever it was I was pretty stoked with that!

The low point (kind of) was that most of week 1 was a 'red flag' event, and true to form I went out with a bang! I spent a few days in the hunter valley, of course with the best of intentions not to eat/drink/not exercise... But I failed. I tasted wine, I drank wine, I ate great food, I didn't get out and exercise. But, I did have a great time away. 

And, I'm home again now ready and rearing to get stuck back into it. So while I went off the rails, I've come home ready to get right back on again. The fridge is full of fresh veggies, and there's nothing unhealthy anywhere to eat, so it's all good. I'm still psyched up on the basis of my weight loss last week, and if I can just manage to have not put any weight on I'll be pretty darn happy with that. 

I'll leave you with a funny story from my travels (well, it's funny now!)... For a long time I've had a bad habit of dropping into the shops on my way home from work to pick up chocolate or chips or biscuits or anything unhealthy that I felt like at the time. I also often didn't eat the lunch I'd prepared and went out and bought take away at lunch time. So, I decided this round to conquer this once and for all. The plan was to leave my wallet at home, just pop my licence in the car, and leave all money and credit cards at home. That way I literally can't buy anything. So, I did just that, last Sunday before round 4 started. The plan was marvellous, until I left home Wednesday morning on holidays, needing to drive 5 hours to Sydney in order to pick a friend up at Sydney airport on the way to the hunter valley. I got 1 hour from home, was thinking about getting some petrol, and all of a sudden realised I didn't have my wallet, and it was 100km away, and I had no choice but to turn around and get it. Yes, I was more than a little cranky with myself. Yes, it added almost 2 hours to my trip. Yes, it was officially the longest trip of my life! But I got there in the end. But, moral to the story... I need to just flex my will power muscle and keep my wallet in my handbag!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 1 Victories

Well round 4 has officially started - and what a successful start it has been. I am really so proud of myself! Given what the past few weeks, well months really, have been like in terms of nutrition and exercise I wasn't expecting too much to change. But woah - veges for dinner - big change!! Gym after work - big change!! Sticking 100% to nutrition plan and portions etc - huge change!!!

Dinner was superb - grilled lamb salad (photo later in the week)!! Not without a little herb mix up incident... Went and raided a friend's herb garden for fresh mint, got a little distracted and didn't notice I was picking much more oregano than mint. Oops. Luckily enough I noticed before putting the so called mint into the yoghurt for the dressing. A few odd leaves of oregano in the salad wasn't too bad, but nothing but mint could've made that dressing taste great - glad I was able to resurrect the dish! I was wondering why my salad wasn't smelling minty as I shredded the leaves into it... There's why!!

Did my first advanced strength/toning workout today. Well almost all of it... I'm just not a fan of mountain climbers and burpees (who would be??) and 2 sets sounded a bit much, so I pulled up stumps after 1... Perhaps by the end of the round I'll be able to do 2, now there's a goal!

So, number 1 goal for tomorrow - get to the gym before work (ie 5:30am) and do it all again!! Wish me luck!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Measure Up Madness

Well, it was the last possible time for me to measure up before round 4 starts tomorrow, so up I get this morning ready (not really) to see the reality of what my measurements are. Oh My Goodness... I was more than a little shocked when I realised I have put on almost everything I lost in my first round this year. And my measurements put me back there too.
But, that's where it ends! Round 4 starts tomorrow and I am ready to give this 100% and finally, once and for all, lose this weight and NOT find it again. Ever.
So here's the honest truth:
 And here's my star chart update of the last 2 weeks. Yes, the second week was better than the first, but you'll also notice that very few of those stars are in the nutrition box... That should be telling me something! (well, that and the scales).

So! Onwards & Upwards!! I'm now part of the Advanced Avengers Team, and we are going to take this round by storm!!! And just quietly I'm especially looking forward to tomorros - 2 of my favourite meals - Apple & Ricotta Toast for brekkie, and Roast Beef, Horseradish & Beetroot sandwich for lunch - YUM!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pre Season Update

Well, it's almost at the end of pre-season task time, which means it's almost time to put my money where my mouth is and shift some weight! Technically that's not as hard as it sounds - input less calories into body than what is burnt... But, as we all know, the mind is a minefield that likes to mess around with that very simple equation.
So, I've put my mind into gear and ticked off my pre season tasks like a pro. I'm all prepared, and ready to start... Next Week!! Nah, I'm actually going to try and get into some good habits this week so my body doesn't go into toxic shock next week :-)
1. I've put some concrete goals down on paper and stuck them up on my wardrobe door so I see them everyday. I've even got tick boxes, and room to write a date in for when I achieve each goal (that's WHEN not if!!)

2. I've created the most beautiful, colour coordinated calendar for the next 12 weeks!! I'm hoping that all my hard work will help me to stick to my plans. This too is on the wardrobe so it's literally in my face each day.

3. I have made up a star chart for myself. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but here's evidence of it! OK, so not too many 'stars' on there for this week, but you just wait - next week I'm going to blitz it :-) It's on the fridge to remind me whenever I'm opening the fridge looking for food that I'm aiming at something much more important that satisfying a craving. I'm aiming at getting my life back! 

4. Finally I have re-done my inspiration board from last round. I've invested in a new cork board and pinned the pages up (since the old blu-tac was failing and things kept falling off...). This is in my study so I can remember what inspires me and what I'm aiming for, and gives my a daily dose of motivation. 

So, preseason is almost over. All that's left is fitness test and measure up. I'm hoping to do the fitness test either Monday or Wednesday afternoon this week, already got my 1km track sorted out, and I'll post results up after that. Measure up time is next weekend.
A couple of random thoughts to finish this post with...
  • A friend of mine has posted some amazing updates and photos from her experiences at 'Sharing Bali' over the past week. It looks amazing, really the trip of a lifetime helping those involved to really push their boundaries and let themselves free from all that's holding them back. I have never wanted to go to Bali, but looking at this 'retreat' makes me want to go. I feel like it's the ultimate thing for me to do in order to push my own comfort levels and help me move forward to the next stage of my life. So, I've decided that sometime next year I'm going to go! Anyone else keen? There's a special 12wbt package even...
  • And, for anyone out there reading this post who has ever doubted they could achieve something - this story is for you. A friend of mine recently completed a record breaking ride accross Australia with his son. They spent almost 2 months on push bikes, cycling across this vast land of ours, in rain, heat, wind, whatever the weather threw at them. And yesterday they made it home. What's so amazing about the ride is that my friend's son is only 10 years old! He's just become the youngest person to ride across Australia. What an achievement. And so, when I'm at the gym, struggling to get through a workout, I'm thinking of Geoff and Dan who committed to doing something so big not many people would embark on - and they got through it! (If you're interested here's a link to the SBS news story on them tonight: ttp://

Monday, 28 October 2013

It's preseason time again!!

So, some people look at this week as week 12... Not me... I figure I'm going to be doing more for my health and fitness by giving up on round 3 and starting afresh with round 4! Does that mean I'm going to be completely slacking off for a few weeks before the round officially starts?? NO!! 

Today marked day 1 of round 4 preseason (for me anyway). I sat down last night and powered through the first 4 preseason tasks, giving them some thought and consideration again, much like I did before round 2 this year, when I was actually successful at losing weight and gaining health!! So I've committed to doing them again. 

Also, I've made up a start chart (thanks Emily!!) to help keep me motivated each week. It's got different categories, and bonus stars, and weekly challenges as well!! Heck, if I can keep up with that for a week I'm winning!! 

And so, how did things go today... 
Well I haven't been to the gym... Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago u hurt my neck/shoulders (of all things I think it was from carrying shopping bags when I went to Sydney recently!!). And the dull pain has now become significantly worse and is painful with almost any movement! So, I've given up being stubborn and booked into the physio on wed arvo. But till then I'm unlikely to be able to do much. 
As far as nutrition... Well not too bad!!! That's one of the first times I've been able to say that in months :-) apart from deciding to drink the last rekorderlig cider in the fridge (210cals oops) I've been spot on. But even with the cider I still came in under 1400cals. That's an achievement for me!!

So, round 4 looks set to start on a high note! I'm looking forward to kicking some goals, and feeling a lot healthier and happier in myself over the next few weeks/months. Thanks for all the online support - looking forward to cheering each of you on in your journeys also. And finally a big thanks to carol and her support and best wishes for going it alone this next 'round' - perhaps one day I'll be able to join you for a half marathon :-) 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sheridan takes on the Round 4 challenge...

So, for those of you following my blog and wondering where I've disappeared to...
I'm back!!

And as of tonight I'm officially enrolled in 12wbt Round 4 2013!!! Enough was enough with round 3, I was going no where fast (except perhaps up where the scales were concerned!). And so, I took some drastic, yet necessary action, and here I am officially a round 4 participant. Hopefully that means I'll also be back in the blogosphere too.

What's coming up in future blog posts I hear you ask?? 
  • Commitment - this round I need to be a woman of my word, so my commitment will be put out for everyone to read. 
  • Goal Setting - I need to establish some goals so I have something to aim at.
  • Star Chart Progress - a fellow 12wbt-er and encouragement to me has recently started a star chart to keep her motivated and committed, so I'm putting one together and will have regular updates on the blog. 
  • Food Photos - can't wait to try the new recipes for summer - keep your eyes peeled for some mouthwatering photos :-)
  • Miscellaneous - obviously sometimes I get a little carried away in my posts, so expect a bit of anything and everything here!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

7 days down!

It's been an amazing last 7 days. I feel like I'm in a completely different place than I was a week ago. I've completely turned around and now heading down the 12wbt path whole heartedly!
  • I'm setting and achieveing daily goals.
  • I'm getting to the gym and doing my workouts and giving them my all! - hey I even burnt over 400 calories during Monday's weight session!!
  • I'm drinking minimum 2L water each day.
  • I haven't eaten anything outside my 12wbt nutrition plan over the past week.
  • I've ventured outside my standard snacks and wholeheartedly embraced sakata's with cheese and fresh date! WOW! This is my new favourite! And here's a photo...
And so it is with great anticipation that I am for once looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning!! I am really excited to see how much my committment and hard work has paid off on the scales.
I did do my week 4 measurements over the weekend, and not surprisingly they were almost exactly that of week 1. That's to be expected. But look out week 8 - I'm on fire and I'm giving it my all now, so expect some cm's to be disappearing!
I really hope everyone else is keen for weigh in tomorrow. As I can testify from last week, it's worth it even if you haven't been completely on track, it's a great motivator / scare tactic to get us on the straight and narrow! Good Luck everyone!!!