Saturday, 8 June 2013

Week 4 Weekly Challenge

Week 4 - The challenge is to try one new recipe or ingredient each day! Great!

So here's the pictorial view of the latest weekly challenge...
What new foods have I eaten this week???

Monday = Red Onion

I was not at all convinced I would like eating this amount of raw red onion (having never done so before). But I gave it a go. All I could smell was onion when I opened the container, but to my surprise there was no harsh taste of onion, and I looked forward to having this for lunch again on Friday. I did however stock up on gum to ensure that I didn't breathe onion breath all over my patients all afternoon!

Tuesday = Corn on the Cob

So yes, I have eaten corn before. BUT I have never cooked it on the cob before. I'm more a frozen kernels kinda girl! But with some help on the forums, I popped the corn in the microwave for 3min and out came delicious moist corn. I almost started snacking on the other half of the cob!! Delish! And so easy!!


Wednesday = Frozen Spinach
Tonight's dinner was a pasta bake, and it included frozen spinach. Now I had to hunt through the freezer section for this. But tucked up in the corner I found it. Hmm, probably not my favourite ingredient, but I didn't expect it to be considering I don't really like spinach anyway. And I found the past bake a little lacking in taste (probably the first meal so far). But I ate it, and even had the leftovers for lunch Thursday too, so it can't have been all bad.
Thursday = Bluberry, Apple & Rosehip Tea

So, I  have never been into herbal teas, but since starting 12wbt I have given it a go, and surprise surprise it's not as bad as I used to think. If you get teas with enough flavour they're OK. I'm really liking the twinings range, and so I've been buying a new one to try each week. This was this weeks variety and it's pretty good (my fav is raspberry, strawberry & logan berry!).


Friday = Apple & Strawberry Puree
Well, back to baby food for today!! I had the breakfast crumble this morning for breakfast, and quite OK I must say. And it kept me feeling full until morning tea, which is pretty good considering there's not a lot of muesli in it. It's tasty, but I think I'll try stewing my own apples & strawberries rather than eating the packaged stuff.

Saturday = Kale
Now this was a real new experience. I have never eaten kale before. I wasn't sure I'd like it. But there was a bunch sitting fresh and pretty at the farmer's markets this morning, so I thought, why not! I'll wilt that for my dinner tonight instead of baby spinach. The verdict... I probably should've stuck with the baby spinach! At least I know I like that. But, nothing ventured nothing gained. The rest of the meal however was beautiful!! Well worth the extra money I used to buy fillet steak. Yum! And roast beetroot and pumpkin... What can I say!

Sunday = Tinned Salmon
Now, let me just put it out there that 4 weeks ago I had never eaten salmon before in my life - thinking that I didn't like fish! I have since discovered that there are some varieties of white fish that I quite enjoy. BUT I have been nervous about this meal all week. If the challenge hadn't been on I would've swapped for sure. But I enjoyed the fresh salmon in the stir fry in week 1, so I've given the tinned variety a go. The verdict... I ate it. I did not enjoy it. And needless to say I won't be eating it again!
So, at the end of the week there have been some wins and some losses. New foods and meals to add to my repetoire, and others to put aside for others to enjoy. But, this week, as well as the past 3 weeks of 12wbt has taught me to try new foods and things I think I won't like. You never know what you like or don't like until you've given it a go. Yes, we say that to kids all the time, but sometimes adults need to hear it too!
I hope you've enjoyed my version of this challenge.
What have you tried?
How did your week go?




  1. Ahh I'm the biggest foodie so I'm loving reading about people trying new foods. Firstly, good thinking on the gum! My breath was so onion-y last night after my salsa and corn thins! You corn on the cob dinner looks so good! If you have a bbq you should give bbq corn on the cob a go too!

    Stewing your own apples and strawberries would go down a treat! Also you should look up Kale chips and give them a go :)

    Oh no!! We're having the tinned salmon tonight! I'm scared now :P

  2. Thanks Emily! Hey, I stewed apple and strawberry this arvo - smelt divine & tastes super yummy. Can't wait to eat it for breakfast this week. I hope you enjoyed the salmon - I'm sure not everyone would've thought the same as me...

  3. After years of not eating Brussels sprouts due to a bad childhood experience of over cooked, mushy Brussels sprouts, I decided to give them another chance. And you know what? Roasted or chargrilled with a tiny bit of oil and balsamic vinegar, they are delicious. Who knew!