Sunday, 9 June 2013

Full Weekly Wrap - Week 4

I started my weekly wrap yesterday and looked at Mon-Fri. I think that was the highlight of the week.
And so, to summarise the end of the week I feel I need to start with a confession... It took me 26 days to fall off the wagon, and fall I did. I guess it was predictable. No one is perfect. No one who has been used to using food as an emotional crutch, or used to binge eating, or used to over-eating can correct these habits in 26 days. Perhaps I thought I was super human. But no. I'm just like everyone else who has signed up for 12wbt. I have food issues that I am working on.
OK, what happened?? I visited Coles without my shopping list. And so I wandered the aisles. And then I thought, it's Saturday - that means there's a treat meal today. Perhaps I might get a little chocolate bar as my treat since I'm planning on having dinner at home anyway. Yes! Great idea! NOT. Choosing a Curly Wurly bar was good, only about 141cal. But seeing half price lindt white chocolate 100g blocks was too tempting. Surely I could just have a couple of pieces? NO! I am not that strong yet! I have been flexing my willpower muscle, but it can't overcome a full fronted attack of sitting there with an open block of chocolate yet...
So I ate. Then I felt sick and gross. And then I thought to myself, I used to do this all the time. I used to regularly feel this sick and yuck after bingeing on bad food. And in fact I probably felt worse, because it wouldn't have been 100g of chocolate, it would've been a 200g block minimum, and perhaps some tim tams and chips on the side. Nice to get to the point where I don't want to do that again! Next step is to conquer the need to binge at all.
What did I learn from this? Go back to basics. No grocery shopping without a list. And then only get what's on the list!!
Well, that out of the way, what else about this week?? I conquered the weekly challenge! And enjoyed most of it. Yes a few things that will not be eaten again, but probably more wins than losses. I did however enjoy putting together my blog post about that challenge.
With the exception of Saturday's binge I kept really well within my calorie limit every day. I kept to the exercise schedule. I have finally completed my vision board. And tomorrow I will complete my mini milestone - a 30km cycle.
We're a third of the way there, and at times I feel it's flying along. But I'm loving every moment of it. And so, I'll finish this wrap with some bonus pics of other meals from the week, as well as my vision board. Looking forward to week 5!!


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  1. No worries! Good lesson learnt, dust yourself off now and keep moving forward! Want a good tip for a treat? Mini Weiss bars (mango - no nuts) are 55 cal each (even the big ones are only 115) and it really satisfies when you really feel like a treat :)

    I love your board too :)