Monday, 1 July 2013

Terrific Triceps!!

Terrific Triceps?? Me?? Well, you'd be hoping so after the amount of dips that were completed by my sexy (??) arms! My aim was 1500, but I decided to challenge myself and attempt to smash out the 2000 limit for the advanced categories.
And I did it!
So, how is it possible to get that many tricep dips done in just 7 days?
Well, in between cardio machines at the gym, you do a few sets of 20. At the end of the cardio session on Monday I was up to 250.

Then, later that evening at home, the television became a friend to health not foe! I did sets of dips in the ad breaks - while being inspired by The Biggest Loser best makeovers!!!

So, Tuesday was a little less on the dip challenge! I only managed to do 50... But they'll all add up by the end of the week.

Wednesday saw me pump out a massive 300 at home! I discovered that the coffee table was a great height to do dips on. And while watching my favourite TV show ever - well, what's to complain about in that situation!

Thursday was another mix of gym and home - added another 250 to the tally.

 Friday night I found and collated all the evidence from my week of dips - this is how I managed to keep track of my dips - post it notes!

Saturday was the SSS - and my usual SSS is an RPM class followed by Body Pump at the gym. I did 200 extra dips at the gym before RPM.
Then before going to bed I realised I really needed to make up some dips. So I did. In my PJ's off the end of the bed! How did I keep going with these ones? Well, sudoku was the saviour. Each time I got a number in, I did another set of 10. In no time I'd racked up another 300 dips!

That left just 100 to do on Sunday night. That's possible. And so, in front of Masterchef, after dinner, I finished off my challenge.
And that folks is how I did my 2000 tricep dips this week. Anyone else got a tale of strength and pain from week 7???


  1. Great post .. thanks for sharing the journey.

  2. Loooooove these pics, you need to send this blog post to Mish. I bet she'd be proud of you.


  3. Thanks for the positive feedback! Always good to make challenges a bit of fun!

  4. You're a total champ Sheridan! Well done.

    1. Thanks Kate! Hard work, but I really enjoyed this challenge, not at all happy about burpees this week though!

  5. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing your Tricep-dip secrets!

    1. Thanks emily, always good to have some fun and laughs along the 12wbt journey!