Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Red Flag Success... of sorts

So, a while ago I wrote a post about upcoming red flag events. And despite the events being a few weeks ago now I've been a little snowed under (for many reasons) and haven't updated my blog about how I went.
The first red flag was a work conference in Melbourne...
Well, we had a fairly bad flight into Melbourne, and as someone who doesn't like turbulence (read panic attack / tears / at time hysteria - doesn't like turbulence) that wasn't so great for me. After that I checked into the fancy pants Soffitel Melbourne and got all dressed up and ready to go out. We had a casual function at a bar nearby, and while I ate OK (apart from some salt & pepper squid) I did have a few too many champagnes... hence a visit to pie face on the way home! I was so disappointed with myself when I woke up and remembered that - all that pastry and fat...
Anyway, Saturday was good. A healthy muesli / natural yoghurt / berries breakfast to kick it off.
And lunch was a tasty chicken dish - even without the skin! And I passed on the petit fours for dessert and opted for a black coffee! After a few afternoon talks I decided to head to the hotel gym, and yes I admit more to be able to claim I'd been there rather than the workout, but half an hour later I was sweating up a storm looking at a great view!
Saturday night was a fancy dinner at the Melbourne Museum. Walking there in heels was not my idea of fun, but I guess it helped with the calorie burn :-) However, this time I was controlled in both my food and drinks. I had a few pieces from the bread basket, half my entree (a rolled poached chicken dish), my main (grilled barramundi), and a few bites just to taste my dessert (who could go past chocolate fondant pudding and salted caramel ice cream??).
 Then Sunday I woke up feeling great!! I think no pie face, not too many wines, and not too much over indulgent food might've helped that! The conference finished with lunch, and then I went for a wander through the city. This finished with the start of a panic attack about the up coming flight home... which didn't finish for a few hours. It seems like a funny story now, but seriously at the time I was in tears for a few hours about the thought of getting on the plane, and then all throughout the flight - I kinda feel sorry for the flight attendant, not sure she'd seen anything like that before. But made it home, safe and sound, and all in all not a bad result for a weekend away.
The second event was my birthday!!! And that also wasn't too bad... I did have 2 birthday cupcakes that a friend made - but that was the only birthday cake I had. I made 12wbt Penang Chicken for dinner on my birthday - if you haven't tried it give it a go - seriously! It's kinda like a cross between satay and red curry (and if that doesn't sound nice to you I assure you it is).
My parents and I and some friends went to a nice restaurant for lunch the next day - and I ordered a thai green chicken salad, with the dressing on the side! So nice, and completely healthy. I think the chicken was rubbed with a thai green spice mix and then just grilled, and all fresh healthy salad ingredients to go with it. So it was great, although my mouth, tongue, lips etc were all a little on fire for a while there!
And so there you have it! Some success of sorts... At any rate it's more of a success than recent days/weeks, but more about that later!



  1. This is actually a lot more successful than I had imagined given our previous chats about that weekend. I think you did swimmingly!! What are a few extra champagnes and a pie when you worked out and ate very mindfully for the rest of your weekend away. What an amazing view from their gym too, very impressive!

    You definitely did well on your birthday too :)

    Also, the Penang is another one I haven't tried! It looks delicious though!

    1. You must try the Penang!! I reckon I should customise your menu next week just to include my fav's so you can see what you're missing out on :-)