Friday, 6 September 2013

It's the Weekend!!!!

I love weekends!! For so many reasons, one of which is that we get time off work to relax and unwind doing whatever we want! Personally I love nothing more than a quiet weekend without too much on - perfect for recharging the batteries. This morning is the usual gym & coffee which is what I do every Saturday if I'm at home. At the gym I do an RPM class followed 10min later by Pump. It's a combo of classes that I love, and have been doing the double for a couple of years now! Perhaps one day I'll venture into the world of the prescribed 12wbt SSS... But not yet! In my defence I do usually burn pretty close to 1000 calories doing those 2 classes. 

Also this weekend I'm working towards a new goal to finish off week 4. My goal is to get organised about my snacks for week 5. I'm planning on making it my week 5 goal to focus on snacking within the suggestions from 12wbt (ie dairy snack / vegetable snack etc). And so this weekend, before doing the groceries I want to plan out my snacks so that I can buy what I need!

So, happy weekend to you all, here's hoping the rain stays away long enough for all my washing (4 loads!) to dry... 

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