Sunday, 25 August 2013

Oh the posts that I could post...

If this blog was a Dr Seuss book that might be a good title!! For a couple of weeks now I've had a little list going in a notebook about blog post topics. As you can all tell, really none of those ideas have yet made it online. Needless to say I've been a little snowed under - physically and emotionally! The last week in particular I was really hoping to post some stuff, but life just got on top of me, and I was hard pressed to do much. But here's a really quick rundown of some stuff, and probably more details to come!

I've had a birthday! It was successful as far as weigh in went!! Woo Hoo! I also made good choices when out for lunch. I did however indulge in not 1 but 2 birthday cupcakes...

I've been back to the gym and gotten back into workouts as per usual. Looking forward to hopefully a  bit more energy this week to get through some more. 
I got a new oven installed and boy have I tested it out!! Scones, macaroons, cakes, biscuits, roast dinner... And no I didn't eat all of that, I certainly did enjoy making it all though. I was actually quite controlled with what I did eat. 

I've decided what vice I'm giving up in this week's weekly challenge... I giving up technology before bed!! It's gotten to be a really bad habit of mine, every day, and one that (unlike coffee) I can give up without being a horrible person to be around :-) and so as of tomorrow there's a 9:00pm curfew imposed on technology! No more checking emails/Facebook/forums after I go to bed! Oh, and I totally failed the wall sit challenge (read: did not start) so I'll be doing that one at the same time this week.

And finally I got some inspiration to work my butt off (literally)... A friend rang tonight and asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding next year!!!! :-) big smiles, but some serious hard work to do in the next 8 months!! Will be totally worth it though!!

Well, until there's time to post again, that's all folks!!


  1. Oh happy birthday to you, and way to go for making it a successful one.


  2. Ahh it sounds like you're keeping very busy! TWO birthday cupcakes? No way! (I'm going to eat pretty much a whole cake on my birthday hahaha). Awesome work on getting straight back into the gym :) and on not eating too many fresh, baked goods!

    Congratulations on being asked to be a bridesmaid too!! How exciting!

    I hope you have otherwise been well :) Good luck on your Weekly Challenge! I'm looking forward to reading more blog posts when you have the time!

  3. Love that blog post title! Glad you're going well and great that you have a new goal to work towards in the wedding. You'll look amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday, glad you kept it all under control. Congrats on the bridesmaid appointment too.