Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The big reset button!

Every computer I've ever used has one, and finally I found mine today!! Why did I need a reset?? Well, lets just say the first 3-4 weeks of this round of 12wbt have been all over the shop. If I was a computer you'd throw me out claiming a virus had come and nestled in forever! But, like any good computer, find the reset button and give it a go (yes, sometimes just unplug it and plug it in again!). So, that's what happened to me today!

Why? Well, it was more than enough time. And with some encouragement from a fellow 12wbt-er I decided to be accountable with my food and exercise. I flopped yesterday thanks to some home baked goodness. BUT today was "big reset day".

1 - Weigh In Wednesday: this was enough to scare anyone into action! I have actually gained weight through my self neglect that as of this morning I weighed 0.5kg more than I did 4 weeks ago. Hmm, time to really do something. But weigh in was all part of the reset. You see weigh ins are a crucial part of this program, and rightly so! But, I am always tempted to not weigh in when I've been off the rails. And so it goes for weeks, where I don't weigh in and think I'm going ok. But this morning showed me exactly where that gets me... +0.5kg! So recommitment number 1 is to commit to weekly weigh ins - not just for this round, but to keep me accountable for when I've gone off the rails again. 

2 - Goal 1 Achieved - eat from the 12wbt plan!! Woo Hoo!! I haven't achieved this for some time actually. And I won't say it was necessarily easy, but it wasn't the hardest either. How? I had everything planned out and ready. I also had to stop at the shops for basil on the way home, but I only had $5 in my bag and no cards, so there was no buying extra treats! And finished the night off with a herbal tea, refreshing and cleansing!

3 - Goal 2 Achieved - get to the gym!! So, I haven't been neglecting all of my workouts, but probably half-ish... So today I went after work. I completely didn't feel like it, but knowing I wanted to write this post, and not lie to anyone who's reading, I went. Because I want to be a woman of my word! I did a cardio workout consisting of 2 rounds of 5 min exercises. So, 5 min jog/run, 5 min cross trainer (maintain 70rpm), 5 min rower (min 1000 metres), 5 min bike (aim 2.5km) AND then do it all again! Now that might sound easy, but give it a go, cos I was sweating up a storm! But 55min later I'd burnt 503 calories, so I had well and truly smashed my goal!!!

And so at this end of the day, having gotten up at 5:30 for work, I'm tired, but it's a satisfied kind of tired knowing I've kicked some goals, and set myself up for some successes this week! And as a reward for those achieved goals I'm getting myself a new work out track from iTunes. The 2 suggestions I got are already there, so I'm thinking of some old school tunes perhaps a little bit of 'love shack' (I always love that track in pump!). 

So, new goals for tomorrow?? Well, the first 2 are the same. Eat off the 12wbt plan (all packed and ready to go - Bircher muesli, strawberries, left over pesto spaghetti, 1/2 apple, brownie slice - plus Indian fish for dinner). Goal 2 is back to the gym for a weights session. And finally, new goal 3 - is to drink 2L water. I realised today that I've gotten a bit slack with my water intake, particularly at work. So there's a new goal!!

Sorry I think this post has gotten fairly lengthy, but it's all out now. I promise I won't be rambling on like this everyday, but it was just a big achievement day I wanted to get it all out there!!

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