Tuesday, 10 September 2013

7 days down!

It's been an amazing last 7 days. I feel like I'm in a completely different place than I was a week ago. I've completely turned around and now heading down the 12wbt path whole heartedly!
  • I'm setting and achieveing daily goals.
  • I'm getting to the gym and doing my workouts and giving them my all! - hey I even burnt over 400 calories during Monday's weight session!!
  • I'm drinking minimum 2L water each day.
  • I haven't eaten anything outside my 12wbt nutrition plan over the past week.
  • I've ventured outside my standard snacks and wholeheartedly embraced sakata's with cheese and fresh date! WOW! This is my new favourite! And here's a photo...
And so it is with great anticipation that I am for once looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning!! I am really excited to see how much my committment and hard work has paid off on the scales.
I did do my week 4 measurements over the weekend, and not surprisingly they were almost exactly that of week 1. That's to be expected. But look out week 8 - I'm on fire and I'm giving it my all now, so expect some cm's to be disappearing!
I really hope everyone else is keen for weigh in tomorrow. As I can testify from last week, it's worth it even if you haven't been completely on track, it's a great motivator / scare tactic to get us on the straight and narrow! Good Luck everyone!!!


  1. Yum yum yum! I definitely have to try this!

    Well done on your wonderful week!

  2. You've been doing so well!! What a great turn around :)

  3. Well done, you're going great guns!

  4. How did you weigh in go? I hope your still on the straight and narrow, also those crackers look divine :)

  5. Have you seen the 12WBT recipe for the fig wrap? You might like that.

  6. Thanks everyone! 2.2kg down at weigh in last week, but after falling off the wagon again for a week I'm sure it's all gone back on again.

  7. Sheridan, that is great, your positivity completely exudes from this page.