Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 3 - still on track!!

So, just a quick update...
  • Wednesday was reset day - and all goals achieved!
  • Thursday - I set myself a third goal of drinking at least 2L of water (as well as eating according to the program, and getting to the gym) - all 3 goals achieved!!
  • Friday - since doing so well for the past 2 days I thought I'd give myself a 4th goal of making sure everything got printed out and ready to attack week 5 next week - and as of this moment all goals are progressing nicely - I've eaten well thus far, and no reason not to for the reast of the day; I'm going to the gym after work and meeting some friends there for Pump so will definitely go; I've so far drunk 1.5L water so I'll easily get to 2; AND I used some quality time in my lunch hour to print out week 5 stuff (nutrition overview, recipes I didn't have, shopping list and exercise plan).
So, there you have it - well and truly back on track! And, I've set myself some new rewards - if I finish off week 4 staying on track and keep meeting the daily goals of eating clean, getting to the gym, and drinking 2L of water - I'm going to treat myself to a new book on iBooks.
How has week 4 been for everyone else?? Anyone big successes or failures you want to share?? It's been a turn around for me, and I'm looking forward to staying on this path - much nicer than floundering around in no-where-ville!

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  1. It's been a (half) week of temptation for me! Have actively thought about sabotaging it all and eating something I shouldn't. I did eat out a few times, but chose things I thought would fit in with 12WBT, and with other food I have pretty much stuck to the calorie limit so never really blew it completely. Then once I got paid I got around to doing my 12WBT shop (which I haven't done in two weeks) and am back on track and loving the food, just have to get used to the hungries again though!
    Sounds like you are doing really well!