Sunday, 8 September 2013

Claiming A Victory

Well the election has come and gone, and we have a new PM. So while Tony Abbott and the Liberal party celebrate their victory I'm celebrating one of my own. Yep that's right I have reclaimed my spot on the 12wbt party wagon!!! I have totally owned week 4 since my Wednesday reset and I'm firing on all cylinders ready to start week 5. 
I think the setting of small daily goals to focus on has really helped this week. There were just 2 on Wednesday, then I kept adding one small one each day to get myself rolling again. So now I just focus each day on:
     1. Eating only from the 12wbt nutrition plan
     2. Getting to the gym for my workout
     3. Drinking 2L of water

Because this was working so well on Friday I added in the getting organised for week 5 goal, and kicked it too! I think I like goals, and especially these really short sharp focused ones. They've really got me back on track. And the goals seem simple enough, but actually do require some effort - both in preparation/organisation and also will power/commitment. 
As proof of my eating clean success I've posted a quick photo of my food diary since Wednesday! And I've also early myself a new book on iBooks and I've just bought Rob Lowe's biography which I've been wanting to read for ages. 

So, I'm going to leave those 3 goals as simple, yet at times challenging, daily goals and just give myself a little weekly goal to focus on. I figure it's a bit like the 12wbt weekly challenges (although I won't be asking myself to do 1000 burpees!). Week 5 is going to be a focus on snacks! I don't really feel like I snack poorly or too much necessarily, but I don't ever take into account the snack ideas from the nutrition plan are and perhaps I'm not eating as balanced a diet as I could. 
This week my nutrition plan lists dairy or fruit based snacks each day. And so, I've investigated the 12wbt site for snacks and found 'figgy cheese crackers' which fits into both categories!! I've semi reinvented this recipe and recounted the calories. I'm using 4 whole grain sakatas, 20g low fat cheese, and 1 fresh date - the snack comes to 126cals. I'm looking forward to this snack this week, and excited that I can just have the same snack each day (because it makes my lunch prep easier).

How is everyone else going 1/4 way into this round?
And what are you snacking on at the moment??


  1. I LITERALLY think this is a great post! (Sorry, the Rob Lowe bio got to me :P) Well done! I do a similar thing with daily goals - no snoozing, 2L of water, eating at the dinner table and so on. It's great to keep you focused on more than just caloriesssss all the time.
    Figgy cheese crackers sound delicious! I have been enjoying mejdool dates this weekend. Nom!

    1. Thanks Kate! Looks like you've got some good goals too. Definitely try the cheese & 1/4 fresh date - it was super tasty! I'm looking forward to morning tea all week now. I think I've found new avourite snack.

  2. One of my favourite snacks is plain old vita-wheat with cheese. It's something that I enjoyed pre-12WBT (although then I had it with margarine and vegemite as well), so I love that I can still have it and not feel guilty! I also like strawberries as a snack, although I am hoping once they are back in season that they will start to taste a bit sweeter! I am trying to follow your lead with the water, though I haven't managed to hit 2L just yet

  3. You've been going so well!! I'm loving your SMART, daily goals :) Also I quite like the Almond Spread Apple Stack but with apple wedges instead of sandwiching the slices together, also I can't go past good old hummus with stuff dipped in it. Also I think I need to try your version of Figgy Cheese Crackers!! I've been wanting to try to Nutty Wrap Snack too... and now that I look through the snacks there are so many that look so good!! Damn it :P

    You could try a datey variation of the Ricotta Fig Wrap Attack?

  4. I am a Chobani nut. Every morning tea I have a chobani with a hot water coffee. What can I say ... it completes me ;-)