Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly Wrap - take 2!

Well week 2 has drawn to a close, and so let's take a look back at the week that was...

Again highlights were the food! Lunchtime saw a number of pita pockets, and I found that sticking them in the sandwich press warmed them up so it was nice warming comfort food to counteract the cold wagga winter lay day outside. Dinners saw me venture into the world of fish stew, and what a great experience, although I learnt my lesson with the Cajun spice - a little goes a long way!! I ate through almost all of my mountain of tabouli, and loved the final week 2 meals - beef fajita and chargrilled vegetable and cous cous salad. Loving the food, I just can't say it enough. And that's coming from someone who loves to cook, and enjoys flavours etc, this surely doesn't feel like diet food, and I especially don't feel like I'm depriving myself.

It was the first real weigh in, and I managed to pull a good number. But I was also encouraged by the forums to think about non scale weigh ins, and here's my 2 biggest non scale achievements this week. Firstly I got to the gym early in the mornings each time I had planned to this week - I mastered the alarm clock!! Secondly, I wore a skirt today that I tried on a few weeks ago and felt it just clung in all the wrong spots. Now I don't think I've lost enough weight to make that much of a difference just yet, but I think the gained confidence and feeling good about myself, combined with some lost cm's and kg's all helped me to feel good wearing that skirt!

I have almost stuck to the calories exactly all week. I did find a little dark chocolate hiding in the cupboard, and ate 4 squares on Friday night! But I figure it'll all work out in the wash, I sort of traded that for my treat meal, and I'm certainly not beating myself up, because I did stop myself before eating the final 2 pieces! And so not including that little chocolate incident, my daily average calorie intake was 1202 calories - nearly spot on target!!

Looking ahead, I'm keen to try the dhal tomorrow, berry bruschetta on Tuesday, and have a crack at a new cardio and weights workouts. So until next time...

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