Friday, 31 May 2013

Anyone up for a Challenge??

So this week I had a mid-week slump... Wednesday... I attacked the hot chocolate left in the pantry with a vengence, followed quickly by the fruit crumble in the freezer (yes I did wait long enough to defrost it - barely)! BUT I turned it around by Thursday!!!
Wednesday night I went through the fridge, freezer and pantry looking for any culprits that might take me down again in an attack of the binge and threw them out! Wasn't that meant to happen in pre-season?? Well, yes, but I was still a little attached to them. NOT ANYMORE! Gone!!!
Thursday I was blessed with an RDO from work, and I had a lovely relaxing morning reading, listening to the rain (which is rare out here in the country!), flicking through the 12wbt forums etc. So I decided to go to the gym, and owing to the fact that I'd missed Wednesday's cardio workout I decided to combine Wed & Thurs together in one big session! Headed off to the gym at the best possible time of the day - it was practically deserted! And smashed out 2 sessions, with some step-ups in between. 953 calories gone, and I am no longer worried about the slump, because I am back on track!!
Now, step-ups... Why would I be doing that? Well, The weekly challenge for week 3 was to do 600 step ups. And, well, I'm not that into weekly challenges. Why? Because they sound like pain! Week 1 was to create a vision board, I almost did that. Well in my mind I created it, but it never actually took form in reality. Week 2 was 300 push-ups. Now I can't do 8 without dying, so I was not about to take part in that challenge. So week 3 = step ups. By now I've pretty much set my mind against the challenges, so I figured I wasn't going to. But, somehow my turn around on Thursday made me want to start. And so I'm 100 down of the 600 target. And since I only started on Thursday, I'm letting myself have until next Wednesday to finish them off. Only 500 to go!
This week's challenge is going to be a blast! It's something I feel like I've been doing since day 1 of this 12wbt. It's all about each day, for a week, trying a new food or ingredient! Now I've said it before, I've been amazed at what I've actually liked. And so here's some pictures of meals from week 3 each with a new food in them that I've tried. Sometimes I feel like there can't be that many left! But bring on the challenge!!!
Roasted Vegetable and Cous Cous Salad - delicious! I added a little chicken breast too (since this was my treat meal. But please note the presence of eggplant!!

Spicy Chicken & Cous Cous Salad - This was tasty, but probably not the best of my cooking - I'd like to try it again, this time cooking the couscous properly (it was a little too wet). But if you look closely you'll see a few little green olives poking their head up. I won't lie, they weren't my favourite part of the dish, but definitely edible.

Hoisin Beef Stir Fry with Spring Vegetables - my action photo!! This was dinner last night and it was very tasty. You'll see in here some asparagus spears. Never had it before, not really sure why not, couldn't really figure out if they have much flavour or not! Definitely nothing too offensive.
So now all that's left is to see how I go with completing my steps ups! I'm pretty confident I can smash the new food challenge! But, is anyone else up for that challenge???


  1. Well done on your blog. I love the pictures of your food. It really is quite appealing and tasty food, its up to us just to give it a go!!! Keep up your good work!

  2. It sounds like you've got your head in a really good place. I'm excited about this challenge too! and your food pics look so good!

  3. Thanks Sharon & Emily, I'm really enjoying cooking up so many new recipes so a photo and sharing them is fun actually! I'm in a good head space at the moment, and I think some of it is due to this blog, I get to process stuff that's going on in my mind (kinda like a journal). Also look out for another photo soon of tonight's dinner - baked crumbed fish with wedges - absolutely delish!! Try it soon!!!