Thursday, 16 May 2013

Progress Report

Well after months and months and months (and more months) of trying to get my head together to combine eating healthy food and exercising together with the aim of losing weight... it has FINALLY come together this week!!! I know if my last post I said I was excited and relieved to finally be starting 12wbt, but I don't think I'd actually clicked as to how much I just needed that kick-off date to come and that it would flip the switch in my brain that I've been looking for for so long. And so the progress report...
  • Well, Monday saw me ignore my 5am alarm, so I didn't go to the gym before work. BUT as much as I didn't feel like it I did go after work and smashed out a cardio workout on the machines! What started out poorly was overcome (thanks to my commitment to myself).
  • Tuesday I finished work early, did the weights session at the gym, and finished off with RPM (a bit addicted to my Tues & Wed arvo RPM classes - it's the social outlet for the week really...).
  • Wednesday morning was weigh in, so with fear and trepidation I got on those scales - and I've lost 2kg since Sunday morning!!! Wow, this is actually working!
  • And today, Thursday, well the plan was the gym in the morning... ignored that 5am alarm again! Then got caught at work with some emergency patients etc, left work at 6:30 (after starting at 7:00) and just didn't think I had it in me to go to the gym. So I came home, made a beautiful dinner (Salmon & Ginger stir fry - amazing), and sat down to plan next week. Did I miss a work out? Yes. But did I sabotage that by binge eating? NO!! Finally!
So the plan from here is to do the stretch/tone work out in the morning (no I won't let that alarm beat me again) and then finish off the day with a pump class to make up for the work out not done today.
So there you have it, my week in review. And apart from today missing the gym session, I really don't think it could've gone better.

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