Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Food... A-Mazing!

So, just a quick follow up post - the food on this 12wbt has blown my mind! It has been delicious, even the things that I didn't think I'd like I've really enjoyed. And I'm talking food I've previously thought I didn't enjoy. For example eggplant, fish, beef stroganof! The food has been easy and quick to prepare (ok, I also really enjoy cooking), and packed full of flavour. I've made very few changes this week. So here's 2 of the hit dishes (they're also probably the 2 that photographed well, I mean how does Stroganof look good in a photo?)


  1. I too have been pleasantly surprised with the menu, only a few changes here more to suit the kids and work commitments than issues with the menu plan.

    Had to comment, your pictures are WAY better than mine!

  2. Thanks, and did you try the pizza?? It was fantastic, just as good as normal pizza!! I'm definitely keeping that recipe.