Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thursday's Tales...

I've oficially survived week 1! And more than that, I'm well on the way to surviving week 2 as well. So what have been some highlights from the past few days since I've last posted??
  • I have overcome a number of temptations - sitting at work with a box of chocolates right in front of me; biggest morning tea at work; baking a cake and NOT licking the bowl or tasting the finished product! These are just some of the things I've overcome and would definitely not have done so before starting 12wbt.
  • I have managed to get to the gym at times when I was feeling tired, and really just wanted to be lazy and sit at home.
  • I have learnt the power of having made the commitment to myself (and all other 12wbt'ers) that I was going to give this program my all - it has worked!! That is what makes me get to the gym, say no to temptation, cook dinner, each night, try new foods etc etc.
And since it's Thursday (yay tomorrow is Friday!) I've also survived the dreaded Wednesday weigh in. So how did I go? Well, I lost 1.7kg in the first week, which is a total of 3.8kg so far. OK, so was I a little disappointed seeing 1.7, knowing that I had done all the workouts and not messed up my food at all? Yeah, just a little. But then I tols myself that that number was great, and if anyone else had lost that much I'd tell them it was fantastic, and it doesn't matter how much the number goes down by - just as long as it goes down!
Finally, a few pics of the fabulous food I've eaten thus far into week 2. The fish stew was amazing (a massive serve too), and to think I almost swapped it out (thinking I didn't like fish - I think I'm converted). I had Asian chicken patties with warm noodle salad Monday, Fish stew Tues, Lamb meatballs & a tabouli mountain Wednesday, and tonight tasty steak with mushrooms (photos appear in that order).



  1. Great effort! It sounds like you're in a really good headspace.

    Congrats on 1.7! Just keep in mind that everyone's bodies are different and I read somewhere on the site that 500g-1kg loss per week is pretty normal. I just don't want you to beat yourself up if you start to see lower numbers.

    I'm glad you've found a love for fish! The stew was really nice.

  2. Thanks again! Yes I do need to remember that any weight loss is a loss and an achievement to be proud of - that's one of my big focuses doing this 12wbt. I've previously lost weight and become obsessed with the numbers, and being a perfectionist not happy with small losses. So this time I'm determined to keep at it no matter what the scales say and know that regardless of weigh in I've done my best.