Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pre Season Update

Well, it's almost at the end of pre-season task time, which means it's almost time to put my money where my mouth is and shift some weight! Technically that's not as hard as it sounds - input less calories into body than what is burnt... But, as we all know, the mind is a minefield that likes to mess around with that very simple equation.
So, I've put my mind into gear and ticked off my pre season tasks like a pro. I'm all prepared, and ready to start... Next Week!! Nah, I'm actually going to try and get into some good habits this week so my body doesn't go into toxic shock next week :-)
1. I've put some concrete goals down on paper and stuck them up on my wardrobe door so I see them everyday. I've even got tick boxes, and room to write a date in for when I achieve each goal (that's WHEN not if!!)

2. I've created the most beautiful, colour coordinated calendar for the next 12 weeks!! I'm hoping that all my hard work will help me to stick to my plans. This too is on the wardrobe so it's literally in my face each day.

3. I have made up a star chart for myself. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but here's evidence of it! OK, so not too many 'stars' on there for this week, but you just wait - next week I'm going to blitz it :-) It's on the fridge to remind me whenever I'm opening the fridge looking for food that I'm aiming at something much more important that satisfying a craving. I'm aiming at getting my life back! 

4. Finally I have re-done my inspiration board from last round. I've invested in a new cork board and pinned the pages up (since the old blu-tac was failing and things kept falling off...). This is in my study so I can remember what inspires me and what I'm aiming for, and gives my a daily dose of motivation. 

So, preseason is almost over. All that's left is fitness test and measure up. I'm hoping to do the fitness test either Monday or Wednesday afternoon this week, already got my 1km track sorted out, and I'll post results up after that. Measure up time is next weekend.
A couple of random thoughts to finish this post with...
  • A friend of mine has posted some amazing updates and photos from her experiences at 'Sharing Bali' over the past week. It looks amazing, really the trip of a lifetime helping those involved to really push their boundaries and let themselves free from all that's holding them back. I have never wanted to go to Bali, but looking at this 'retreat' makes me want to go. I feel like it's the ultimate thing for me to do in order to push my own comfort levels and help me move forward to the next stage of my life. So, I've decided that sometime next year I'm going to go! Anyone else keen? There's a special 12wbt package even...
  • And, for anyone out there reading this post who has ever doubted they could achieve something - this story is for you. A friend of mine recently completed a record breaking ride accross Australia with his son. They spent almost 2 months on push bikes, cycling across this vast land of ours, in rain, heat, wind, whatever the weather threw at them. And yesterday they made it home. What's so amazing about the ride is that my friend's son is only 10 years old! He's just become the youngest person to ride across Australia. What an achievement. And so, when I'm at the gym, struggling to get through a workout, I'm thinking of Geoff and Dan who committed to doing something so big not many people would embark on - and they got through it! (If you're interested here's a link to the SBS news story on them tonight: ttp://

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