Monday, 18 November 2013

1 week down...

So, week one is done and dusted - 11 to go (this round). So, how did this week pan out???

Well, the high point was losing 2kg at Wednesday weigh in!!! I honestly think my body had gone into complete shock with the complete change to healthy eating over Monday & Tuesday. But whatever it was I was pretty stoked with that!

The low point (kind of) was that most of week 1 was a 'red flag' event, and true to form I went out with a bang! I spent a few days in the hunter valley, of course with the best of intentions not to eat/drink/not exercise... But I failed. I tasted wine, I drank wine, I ate great food, I didn't get out and exercise. But, I did have a great time away. 

And, I'm home again now ready and rearing to get stuck back into it. So while I went off the rails, I've come home ready to get right back on again. The fridge is full of fresh veggies, and there's nothing unhealthy anywhere to eat, so it's all good. I'm still psyched up on the basis of my weight loss last week, and if I can just manage to have not put any weight on I'll be pretty darn happy with that. 

I'll leave you with a funny story from my travels (well, it's funny now!)... For a long time I've had a bad habit of dropping into the shops on my way home from work to pick up chocolate or chips or biscuits or anything unhealthy that I felt like at the time. I also often didn't eat the lunch I'd prepared and went out and bought take away at lunch time. So, I decided this round to conquer this once and for all. The plan was to leave my wallet at home, just pop my licence in the car, and leave all money and credit cards at home. That way I literally can't buy anything. So, I did just that, last Sunday before round 4 started. The plan was marvellous, until I left home Wednesday morning on holidays, needing to drive 5 hours to Sydney in order to pick a friend up at Sydney airport on the way to the hunter valley. I got 1 hour from home, was thinking about getting some petrol, and all of a sudden realised I didn't have my wallet, and it was 100km away, and I had no choice but to turn around and get it. Yes, I was more than a little cranky with myself. Yes, it added almost 2 hours to my trip. Yes, it was officially the longest trip of my life! But I got there in the end. But, moral to the story... I need to just flex my will power muscle and keep my wallet in my handbag!!


  1. Lol, I went to the Hunter Valley a week into round one this year. It's more than a red flag, it's a red cape being waved at a bull. It'd be rude not to indulge in wine and cheese.

    As for the petrol incident, consider yourself lucky you didn't fill up your car before you realised your wallet was missing. Guess who once had to weasel her way out of that embarrassing situation.

    Congrats on your weight loss, that's awesome! :)

  2. Oh no! I can't help but laugh though (with you, not at you) at the petrol lack of money have to turn round and get the wallet story!! Oh dear. Well done on the 2kg loss. Look forward to reading how you go tomorrow.


    1. Welcome back carol!! Yes it's funny now, at the time I was soooo frustrated with myself, but it all was ok in the end.