Sunday, 10 November 2013

Measure Up Madness

Well, it was the last possible time for me to measure up before round 4 starts tomorrow, so up I get this morning ready (not really) to see the reality of what my measurements are. Oh My Goodness... I was more than a little shocked when I realised I have put on almost everything I lost in my first round this year. And my measurements put me back there too.
But, that's where it ends! Round 4 starts tomorrow and I am ready to give this 100% and finally, once and for all, lose this weight and NOT find it again. Ever.
So here's the honest truth:
 And here's my star chart update of the last 2 weeks. Yes, the second week was better than the first, but you'll also notice that very few of those stars are in the nutrition box... That should be telling me something! (well, that and the scales).

So! Onwards & Upwards!! I'm now part of the Advanced Avengers Team, and we are going to take this round by storm!!! And just quietly I'm especially looking forward to tomorros - 2 of my favourite meals - Apple & Ricotta Toast for brekkie, and Roast Beef, Horseradish & Beetroot sandwich for lunch - YUM!!


  1. Sheridan, check me out, commenting. Turns out I don't need google. Onwards and upwards indeed. I too lost and found my weight from round one, sooo frustrating!! Let's not do that again, let's see the back of it for good! :)

    1. Go you lana!! Who needs google anyway...when I first started this blog I had no idea I could reply to comments rather than just posting another comment!! We learn new things all the time... And tomorrow I'm going to relearn how to get up early and get to the gym!! Oh no, wish me luck, 5:10 is fast approaching!