Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 1 Victories

Well round 4 has officially started - and what a successful start it has been. I am really so proud of myself! Given what the past few weeks, well months really, have been like in terms of nutrition and exercise I wasn't expecting too much to change. But woah - veges for dinner - big change!! Gym after work - big change!! Sticking 100% to nutrition plan and portions etc - huge change!!!

Dinner was superb - grilled lamb salad (photo later in the week)!! Not without a little herb mix up incident... Went and raided a friend's herb garden for fresh mint, got a little distracted and didn't notice I was picking much more oregano than mint. Oops. Luckily enough I noticed before putting the so called mint into the yoghurt for the dressing. A few odd leaves of oregano in the salad wasn't too bad, but nothing but mint could've made that dressing taste great - glad I was able to resurrect the dish! I was wondering why my salad wasn't smelling minty as I shredded the leaves into it... There's why!!

Did my first advanced strength/toning workout today. Well almost all of it... I'm just not a fan of mountain climbers and burpees (who would be??) and 2 sets sounded a bit much, so I pulled up stumps after 1... Perhaps by the end of the round I'll be able to do 2, now there's a goal!

So, number 1 goal for tomorrow - get to the gym before work (ie 5:30am) and do it all again!! Wish me luck!!

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