Monday, 28 October 2013

It's preseason time again!!

So, some people look at this week as week 12... Not me... I figure I'm going to be doing more for my health and fitness by giving up on round 3 and starting afresh with round 4! Does that mean I'm going to be completely slacking off for a few weeks before the round officially starts?? NO!! 

Today marked day 1 of round 4 preseason (for me anyway). I sat down last night and powered through the first 4 preseason tasks, giving them some thought and consideration again, much like I did before round 2 this year, when I was actually successful at losing weight and gaining health!! So I've committed to doing them again. 

Also, I've made up a start chart (thanks Emily!!) to help keep me motivated each week. It's got different categories, and bonus stars, and weekly challenges as well!! Heck, if I can keep up with that for a week I'm winning!! 

And so, how did things go today... 
Well I haven't been to the gym... Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago u hurt my neck/shoulders (of all things I think it was from carrying shopping bags when I went to Sydney recently!!). And the dull pain has now become significantly worse and is painful with almost any movement! So, I've given up being stubborn and booked into the physio on wed arvo. But till then I'm unlikely to be able to do much. 
As far as nutrition... Well not too bad!!! That's one of the first times I've been able to say that in months :-) apart from deciding to drink the last rekorderlig cider in the fridge (210cals oops) I've been spot on. But even with the cider I still came in under 1400cals. That's an achievement for me!!

So, round 4 looks set to start on a high note! I'm looking forward to kicking some goals, and feeling a lot healthier and happier in myself over the next few weeks/months. Thanks for all the online support - looking forward to cheering each of you on in your journeys also. And finally a big thanks to carol and her support and best wishes for going it alone this next 'round' - perhaps one day I'll be able to join you for a half marathon :-) 

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