Monday, 19 August 2013

My First 12wbt Round Review

So I thought a great way to prepare for my second round of 12wbt (R3 2013) was to look over some of my very first blog posts. The ones where I set my goals, boasted of my marvellous committment, sorted out my excuses with some tough love etc etc. It was a good thought, but I've only just got to it this week. So to start off my second round, lets look at the round that was R2 2013.
Excuses: like most people most of my excuses were about eating junk food, and not getting to the gym due to business etc. my solutions were basically a good dose of JFDI. And for the most part I think that worked, at least until about week 9 where most of the wheels came off my wagon all at once! I can't say that I've really changed my excuses or solutions for this round. At the end of the day it's about recognising an excuse for what it is (eg a lazy inner teenager speaking her mind) and just getting on with what you know rationally needs to happen. 
Goals: I achieved a lot in the last round, I lost heaps of weight and cm's, I know my strength improved, and certainly my fitness. My mindset shifted and moved towards a better direction. I found a whole new recipe repertoire. But I'm not sure that I really achieved many of the 1 & 3 month goals I had set for myself. Funnily enough I'm not too disappointed with myself. I found it hard to set the goals since I was feeling so pessimistic about the chances of success in the beginning anyway. What it has meant is that my goals are clear and simple this round, and certainly achievable. I've also set 1 & 3 month reminders in my phone to review my goals to make sure I look back at the again!
Commitment: I was totally committed to the 12wbt program... For the first 8 weeks at least it was whole hearted! And honestly, I think that's why it worked. Sounds simple - follow the program, get results. But life isn't always like that and knowing I'd committed myself to following it all - food, exercise, mindset, pre season tasks, weekly challenges etc is what kept me on track. This round I am adding my commitment that I'm determined to complete a 12 week program, not quit at 8 weeks and settle in with complacency! And I've actually put it out there to the world (aka Facebook) that I've embarked on this journey again. 
Highs & Lows: there were both good and bad times through the last round. The lows were certainly when I came off the rails early on binging on white choc and the rest. However I pulled it together (high) and got through a few more weeks until it all came to a standstill. That's probably for me the biggest low, because I got complacent and let my nutrition slip, exercise was half hearted and not as regular, and bam, 4 kilos in 5 weeks!! I know I can do better than that, so it was quite disappointing personally. Hence my commitment to a 12wbt not 8wbt this time. 

As for the highs, well if you've been following my blog you'll probably guess the highest high was the food!! It is truly amazing how good this healthy food tastes! And it's easy and quick to prepare, and you get all the meals planned ahead for you so there's no time to think "hmm what should I have for dinner??" And best of all I found a love for shopping lists!! And especially those you don't have to write yourself because they come off the printer all prepared!

Ok, I have another high, and that is the amazing online support available through fellow bloggers and the forums. I've never been one for online stuff, it's all a bit 'non-reality' for me. Generally I like to see and hear people. However I have felt so supported by people, others doing the program as well as the 12wbt crew. It's amazing how much that support pulled me through and meant during the 12 weeks. And to meet a few of you in person in Adelaide was fantastic!!
Well i guess that about covers my first round wrap for 12wbt! Has anyone else looked back over their blog/journal from previous rounds to see what they actually did achieve vs what they set out to achieve? Any words of wisdom to come from that?


  1. What a great idea Sheridan to review old posts/goals. Must do that too. Your online support has been fantastic for me, thank you. Hope you had a great tie in Adelaide. Wishing you great things ahead x

    1. Thanks Kate! Adelaide was great, exhausting though... Hope you're doing ok toughing it out unofficial 12wbt style.

  2. Oh, I love that you've done this. It's so good to reflect and I actually feel the same way about a lot of things as you do. This time I'll be here for the whole 12wbt (not 8wbt ;) ) with you, and we will smash this :)

    I really admire you for keeping up with your blog for pretty much the whole of round 2 though.

    I'm sorry if I've completely overlooked this somewhere, but what are your goals for the round?

    1. Well, I have to admit this past week has been very touch and go, but I'll be back at it tomorrow!! Don't think I've posted my goals yet, but there's a post already planned for that :-)