Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How did THAT happen??!?!!

So, weigh in Wednesday comes around...
It's my birthday - I shouldn't have to weigh in on my birthday...
Not after a weekend of not-so-strict eating (mindful, but not strict)...
Perhaps I'll just skip this weigh in...
JFDI! (yep it applies to weigh in's too)
Oh Heck - get on the scales - open my eyes...
I've lost 1.1kg!!!!!
I did one weights work out, half a cardio workout, and ate a pie on the way home on Friday night (yes, I perhaps wasn't in the best state to resist)... All I can say is, maybe anxiety/panic attacks do burn the calories up :-)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMG I NEED TO TEXT YOU AS WELL WHAAAAAT!! Have a great day! Also that will teach you for trying to skip weigh in! Congrats :)

    Um...I didn't want to say anything but I mean....elevated heart rate and everything. Not that panic attacks are good at all, mind you.

    1. Thanks for birthday wishes!! And how was your time in Sydney?? Back into it yet? Yeah, I think I'd take a weight gain over a panic attack like the one last week! But maybe next time it won't be as bad... I can only hope!

  2. What a nice birthday present :) Yahoooo!