Monday, 12 August 2013

Let's start at the very beginning...

Well, here it is - Day1 - Round 3 - 12wbt 2013!! And I've signed up again and ready to handle the thrills and spills of another round. I feel like I've got so many things to put into this blog post, but for the sake of those reading my blog I'll try and contain myself, but you might find many blog posts this week...
The past weekend I spent partying it up in Adelaide for the round 2 finale. A good friend and I headed over early Friday morning, shopped up a storm Friday, caught up with fellow 12wbt-ers Friday night, and drank the night away at the best tapas/wine bar in Adelaide (OK, so that's my opinion, it's the best of 1 that was tried, but it really was right up there). So, Saturday was a little slow to get it together. We trekked accross Adelaide CBD to get to the showgrounds for the workout, where we cheered on those in the workout, before wandering back to the CBD. After wandering the afternoon we got all prettied up for the finale - a georgeous set up at the convention centre! All black & white, so it looked very classy. But we did call it a night pretty early, got our goody bags, and headed off for some zzz's ready to leave 7am Sunday.

We had a good flight back accross to Melbourne, but unfortunately neither my friend or I managed to realise we had left her car keys in the hotel room, in Adelaide... and we were now in Melbourne! For some reason, there was no panic, we just took it in our stride, and visited the nearby factory outlets for some shopping while family and friends rallied together to get some spare car keys to us! So, after an 8 hour stopover in Melbourne we were on the road. Back to my friends place by 9:15, and then I was on the road for the last 2 hours, and I finally got home at 11:30pm! What a day!! Funnily enough had we have driven home from Adelaide I would've got home sooner! But, I wouldn't have got some fun purchases and inspiration outfit purchases!! (photos to come) 
So, this week's to do list (amongst general life activities):
  • Complete Fitness Test & Measure Up
  • Revise Goals & Committment
  • Work on adding to my Vision/Inspiration Board
  • Review previous round's goals/excuses/highs/lows etc
 But right now, I'm off to the gym for my first Lean & Fit workout!! EEK! Nah, really I'm looking forward to it. And I'll be back to post some food photos from day 1!! I love that I'm back eating healthy foods again, my body is so happy with that decision right now!!


  1. Fun fun photos, I would have loved to have gone to the finale, but alas it was not meant to be. I did however spend (what seemed like) the entire weekend doing gardening, which was not my favourite chore by a long shot.

    Looking forward to following along with you this round.


  2. Thanks Carol, it was certainly a fun night! And def better than gardening (which is more than my least favourite job!!) Have a great round - and I saw on another post you're off to Florida - NICE!

  3. It was a great weekend Sheridan, Great meeting you.

    I laughed out loud at work at your delay in Melbourne - what else is there to do but shop :)

    1. Yep you too Meeghan! Luckily I laughed about being stuck in Melbourne too - it was a slight disaster, but a very funny story for the future!