Monday, 8 July 2013


Well, not to make you all jealous... But I'm on holidays!! And am very pleased to report that I've enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather of Noosa today! It has been an absolutely divine day here.

But more importantly I have yesterday and today been able to stick pretty well to a healthy eating plan, and exercise too!! Had tasty salads for lunch both days, and tonight having capsicum and sweet potato pizza!! Not bad. And this morning changed things up in the exercise plan and followed the outdoor program, which saw me running into Noosa, and then doing sprint intervals on the way home again. Didn't find a hill, so skipped the hill intervals, but come Wednesday ill do them in noosa before heading home via sprint intervals! All set!! And tomorrow it'll be down to the noosa river for some cardio and toning work with the park benches there!

Also, at my parents the other night I made up an Indian extravaganza! Chicken tikka, and I can't believe it's not butter chicken. Got good reviews from parents and aunt, and everyone even said they had eaten enough and felt satisfied! That's a win for 12wbt I think.

Hope everyone else is having a great week too. Looking forward to Adelaide too - booked some cheap accom last night! Yay!!


  1. Well la-de-dah!!! LOL You and your lovely Noosa weather. tee hee. I went to work this morning in -2 degrees! ouch, that was cold.

    Have a great time on your holiday. And as for the dinner, definitely a win-win.


    1. Thanks carol, can't say I'm looking forward to going home to the cold weather, but strangely enough am looking forward to going back to my healthy eating / gym routine at home!! But hol has been great too!

  2. It's okay, I've only been on holidays for the last three weeks haha! I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself and that the weather is behaving! Noosa would be a lovely spot for a run :) I'm glad that your Indian extravaganza was a hit with your family!

    Thank you for your message on 12wbt, I really appreciated it. I should have a new post up soon. I've just been struggling a little bit on the program since going to Sydney and I'm not sure what to say. I should probably just get it off my chest though.

    1. Hey Emily, looking forward to your next post, might be helpful to get everything of your chest??? Hope you can get everything to come together again to get thru the last few weeks of this round!! Let me know if there's anything I can do (not sure how that works in an online environment... But you know what I mean!)

    2. Thank you so much for checking up on me!! You have been so amazing. I really want to write again but I just have no idea what to say! A bit of paralysis by analysis I think.

      Are you doing the next round? I've enjoyed blogging alongside you :)