Monday, 22 April 2013

Setting up the goal posts

Well, the excuses have been flowing, and now the goals have been set!! Although it can be a really tricky thing setting goals - because almost as soon as I think up something (eg I want to be able to run 5km without a break) I can hear a voice in my head saying "that's probably a bit unrealistic" or "maybe you should rethink that one and leave it for the 6 month goal list"... These voices are just not helpful!! I need to banish them from my mind. However, the goals are set and ready to be achieved. 

Here are the 1 month goals: 

  • Run around Lake Albert (5.5km) without stopping. 
  • Weigh under 95kg (ie lose at least 7.2kg). 
  • Start wearing new T shirts to the gym. 

And so now is the time to start pressing towards those goals, to get them in my vision and go for it! But I think I need to add one more in... I need to banish the voices in my mind that cause me to doubt myself. I need to start believing that I actually can achieve these goals. They're not unrealistic. They are things I've been able to do before. They are possible. So, how will I banish these voices? Well I guess the first step is to stop doubting, and when I start doubting to give myself a good dose of positive self talk and remind myself of the goals and the small steps that I'm taking towards the bigger goal ahead. 

So here's to some positive self talk, and some goal achievement!!

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